Illness and disease, are they simply losses of energy in the body?

Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive from the States, explores the human energy system and places it at the same importance as the human anatomic system in terms of disease, illness and healing, despite the fact it is more subtle than our physical body to our relatively untrained eyes.
She describes the body as having seven main energy chakras, each of which contain an area specific to our well-being. Each chakra also corresponds to different aspects of our life, which will be explained in more detail in the following articles, as well as how to re-balance the chakras.
The seven main chakras are:
– Root chakra
– Sacral chakra
– Solar plexus chakra
– Heart chakra
– Mind or third-eye chakra
– Crown chakra
She invites us to view ourselves as energetic bankers and underlines the need to invest positively in aspects of our life. The majority of us unknowingly invests many negative energetic connections with our past, present and future on a daily basis. This depletes the energy stores we have for the present moment.
Imagine if each day we start out with a hypothetical “$100 daily allowance of energy”, by the time we shower and dress for work we may have already invested much of this daily energy into negative thoughts that do not serve us. These thoughts could include the “what if?” scenarios and even re-living past hurts and traumas. When we invest in these thoughts and attitudes we deplete our potential energy for the here and now.
 “I don’t believe in worrying. It’s a waste of energy” ~ Malinda Lo
So, what happens if we pass this “$100 daily allowance”? We either start feeding on our own cells to prolong our vitality, which ultimately causes disease or injury, or we start to latch onto other peoples’ energies from whom we feed off to sustain ourselves.
All is not lost, this leakage of energy into negative investments can be unplugged, but only when we realize exactly where we are leaking energy from and how much we are leaking. The unplugging and return of this leaked energy is essentially what healing is.
Have you ever truly let go of something? If so can you remember how light you felt after doing so? Myss says this lightness is quite literally the energy you have negatively invested returning to you.
When studying the chakras it is important to remember that they are all interconnected and cannot be viewed in singularity. For example, a relationship that ends sourly will not only affect the heart chakra but it may also affect the sacral chakra on an energetic level. The physical manifestation of this energy imbalance could be an illness or disease which affects any of the following: heart, blood, colon or lower back. In this way, illness and disease can be viewed as a loss of energy in the body.