The importance of resetting

Tropical paradiseI recently went on my first ever yoga retreat this winter. I chose to go on a retreat because since starting yoga just over a year ago I felt like the working week would get all up in my grill and then yoga was my best means of escaping its suffocating grip. I began to wonder, what if I did a full week of back to back classes. How low could I dial down the ruminating thoughts of the mind? I craved a creative space in my life and it seemed to me that a yoga retreat was the perfect opportunity to manifest this sort of experience without the distractions of the city, the dramas of flat mates, the issues with my car and finances. This was my prescription to a reset. It was not knowing what to expect which was the most exciting element to the experience. I believe it is in the unknown where we attain the greatest expansions. The space that was created on this particular yoga retreat was quite profound. It was permission to let go in a supported environment. The same things that seemed to weigh me down so heavily back in the city seemed to dissipate like water off a duck’s back. The skills you begin to foster on a yoga or meditation retreat are easily applied to a life that revolves around travel, the beach, surfing and the overseas experience. The true test is being able to integrate what you have learnt and apply them into the mundane day to day life. This was my challenge. Life is all about building resilience in being able to master the waves that it sends crashing toward you. In some ways it was definitely more introspection than I am used to but it also made me acutely aware of our inherent abilities as humans to dance around our issues instead of knocking them face on. My conclusion of resetting is that it doesn’t need to be a yoga or a meditation retreat. It just needs to be something in your life that resets you, that refreshes you and takes you away from the trials and tribulations of life. Because unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) they will keep on coming. For me, my introspection and reset comes through yoga, the gym, music and travel. What’s your reset?