Do you want to Run Smart? Do you want to know how to train up for your first 5km, 10km or even half marathon running event? Do you need a training programme to help get you there? Stu has a 25+ year background in athletics, road racing, cross-country and more recently Ironman triathlon. Stu also has 15+ years experience as a physiotherapist and has worked with elite athletes including Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Her Majesty’s Defence Forces in the UK, and top NZ professional Ironman athletes. Bringing together his passion for running , coaching and educating people on how to stay injury free and lead a healthy life, Stu can help you achieve whatever run goal you have in mind. Coaching Packages: 1. Programme: For the person who just wants a programme written for a specific race, whether its a 5km, 10km or 1/2 marathon. This includes an initial session/ meeting with Stu to help structure your programme. There is no support with this package. 2. Support Plus: This is the most popular package. For the person preparing for their first race or even their 10th race. This includes initial session with Stu, ongoing support through the programme through email, 1 on 1 meetings each month, weekly 20 min phone calls. Support Plus will keep you accountable and make sure you are staying injury free in your lead up to your big race! 3. Support Platinum: This is the ultimate support package. It includes all of the Support Plus package and more. You will get access to discounted Wellness Room Run Squad concessions, discounted Run Smart Biomechanics package, and discounted Physio sessions to help you stay injury free throughout your training. 4. Support Full Time: This is a year package/ subscription which includes everything in the Support Platinum Package and given to you at a discount for full year subscription. Can be paid as lump sum discount (see options on Buy Now), or as a monthly subscription. (email Stu for more info on subscription rates). To discuss which package is right for you please contact Stu on 022.600.9609 or email


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