Your Body is a Bank Account, Look After It

rocks-2 Your body is like a bank account run by a very just banker. It gives you advice on how to enjoy a healthy life for as long as possible. You should heed its advice. Your biology and psychology are intertwined and inseparable. You cannot have healthy function of one without healthy function of the other. The issue is that listening to your thoughts is easy but listening to your body is not. We think in spoken language and that is what we use everyday to communicate with others. That is accessible to our understanding. Our biology speaks to us in it’s own language, though, and the best analogy I can use to explain it is that of a bank account. Your body is like a bank account. You can make deposits and withdrawals. Deposits are things that increase your function like eating wholesome food, exercising, relaxing, and socializing. Withdrawals are things that decrease your available function like eating nutritionally poor food, not sleeping enough, training too hard, working too much, fighting with a loved one, drinking alcohol, etc… You’d be a fool not to acknowledge your need to make withdrawals. We need capital to accomplish goals, to get things done, to have fun, to live. Life calls on us to make withdrawals. Sometimes it calls on us to make so many withdrawals that we go into debt. When you owe money, your body takes its fair share back to maintain equilibrium. This is never a good thing for you though. Not strengthening your muscles through activity? Your body creates painful adhesions and trigger points to gain stability. Not eating enough vegetables? Your body leaches minerals from your bones to balance out that acidic diet of yours. Not sleeping enough? Your body will shut down systems to save energy and make you tired and lethargic. Just like a regular bank account, you can’t make withdrawals on overdraft. When you try do that, worse things happen. Immune function suffers and you get sick, injured, depressed, or all the above. The most important thing to understand is that you have finite resources. If you withdraw too much without making any deposits, you’ll end up in debt and that’s never fun. This kind of debt will wear down your body, strength, mental capacity, emotional well being, and motivation. Trust me. You don’t want to go there. So listen. Listen to what your body tells you. If it says you’re in debt, pay it back as soon as you can. If it tells you you’ve got a surplus, go out and spend a little but always respect the balance.