I am pretty comfortable admitting I’m addicted to my phone. I use it a lot for work which means it’s never far away from my hand. At the same time, I absolutely loved my digital detox in Fiji recently, where I had ten days with zero connectivity to the rest of the world. Just quality time with my boyfriend, my friends, the sunshine and the salt water. I still had my phone with me though, as even without the connection to the world, my phone is filled with apps that keep me fit, happy and healthy. Below are my top three that I don’t think I could live without. bag-and-hands 1 Giant Mind. Their team recently upgraded this app and I am loving the sleek new look. The meditation on this app is mantra based and doesn’t change from day to day. You start off with a 12 day programme to get you used to the style of meditation. From there you can either progress on to the 30 day challenge or just set the timer anywhere, any time, and away you go. I’m up to Day 24 of the challenge and I’ve definitely noticed that I’ve got a much calmer approach to life. Also, if I’m feeling stressed, I can just take a moment to think the mantra to myself and I’m immediately transported back to that meditative state of bliss. (iOS and Android) Janet Stone Yoga. Yoga classes are pretty magical places. The energy that’s created when people come together to go yoga is almost impossible to recreate. But sometimes it’s just not possible to get to a class. Maybe you’re traveling. Or maybe life just gets a bit too busy and you’ve only got 20 minutes to spare. This is when having a home practice is so important. But sometimes even thinking of a flow of postures can be too much if your brain is full up from work. Or you want something a little different than your usual. I’ve been using the Janet Stone Yoga app for a little while now and I find it a great way to practice as it allows me to switch my thinking brain off and just follow the yoga flow. Plus she’s an absolutely amazing teacher. (iOS only sorry) Couch to 5k. I am not much of a runner. I did a half-marathon once. I haven’t said I’ll never do another one, but I’ve only laced up my shoes a couple of times since (and it’s been almost a year). But when I was learning to run I had a habit of running for as long as I could (not very long) and then walking for a bit (generally, the rest of the way). Not exactly the best way to get from being a non-runner to a runner. With the app, you work through a programme that slowly builds you up. The first ‘run’ alternates between 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking. By not running for as long as I possibly could and burning myself out, I have the energy to do the other bursts of running. And by having the walking timer on, I will actually start running again, rather than just walking the rest of the way. There’s also a Couch to 10k app for when you’ve ticked a 5k run off the goal list. (iOS and Android) I’m sure there are lots that could be added to this list! Feel free to share yours in the comments below.

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