steve-jobs1 We all need a reset sometimes. Life is busy; we slip into comfortable habits. We no longer think about why we’re doing what we’re doing. It’s just habit. This can be great for some parts of our life. Lots of successful people (take Steve Jobs for example) wear the same outfit every day to save them time in the mornings. It helps to give them more brain power to spend on other things. More important things. But in some cases, before you know it, you’re sticking with a habit which seemed like a good idea when you picked it up but that really doesn’t serve you now. Maybe it’s even holding you back from being your most authentic you. And this is where a reset can come in, shake things up, make you reassess things and then build up some new habits that do serve your lifestyle now. At Wellness HQ we definitely slipped into a bad habit trap around food recently. Full-time jobs + side hustles + training + time with friends. Excuses arose and before we knew it, it was the same staples for dinner all the time or the dreaded takeaways. Once you’re in there, in that space of bad habits, it can be really hard to make the shift away. Sometimes you need that extra push; something to help make that mental break so that you can start afresh. There are lots of ways to creating a reset.

– Pledge to do something every day for a month. Hold yourself accountable and let others know so that they can support you in this. Knowing that you’ve only got to get through a month, that your new habit has an end date, can make things seem more much achievable rather than stating that you’ll do something every day for the rest of your life, or never again forever. Most likely once you’ve made it through the month it will have stuck enough that you can keep going.

– Start small and manageable. By achieving small wins you can help motivate yourself to take bigger steps. Want to stop spending so much money on takeaways? Pick a night that you know you have the time + energy to cook and start there. Once you see how easy + fun it is one night a week, look at adding another night.

– Get outside of your comfort zone. Physically removing yourself from the spaces that cause the bad habits can help create that mental shift. Maybe it’s a weekend away so that when you come back to your home you can look at things with fresh eyes. Maybe it’s taking a different path to work so that you’re not tempted by the coffee shop with those delicious brioches.

– Get the support you need. Find out what is holding you back (what is really holding you back) and address that. For me recently it was a lack of inspiration about what to cook. I know that the internet is full of great recipes but that was too much for me to take in. So we started getting My Food Bag to help give me more inspiration around new food to cook (like that delicious looking salad just there). Or perhaps it’s a new Keep Cup to inspire you to make coffee at home.

We all need a fresh start sometimes. Here’s hoping you start building a new, amazing habit today.


How many times have you vowed to radically change your life? And how often has that been on the 1st of January, in a slightly (or not so slightly) hungover state? Resolutions are fuelled with good intentions and hope, which is why I like them. But so often they are unrealistic, made without a real plan of to achieve them and can leave us feeling depressed and unmotivated the first time we stumble from our path (which is why I don’t like them too much).

I am lucky enough to work at lululemon, who are pretty big on setting goal setting, but they approach it in a slightly different way. You start with a vision of where you see yourself in ten years. This is far enough in the future to take away any self-imposed restraints like budgets, lack of knowledge or timelines. You can dream big and come up with a vision for yourself that gets you really excited. Then you work your goals back from there. See yourself in a big house in your vision? What are the ten, five and one-year steps (or goals) that are going to make that happen? Maybe you see yourself living on a tropical island, owning a dog, working only a couple of hours a day remotely with five or six kids running around. By working out where you want to be, you can then start putting some steps in place to get you there. Maybe you need to start re-gearing your career to make it possible for you to work remotely. Or maybe you need to start having kids if you see that many in your near future! This whole process has helped me to see the larger vision of where I’m going, and then also helped me create steps to get me there. Rather than setting big resolutions for the year that can be too big and scary to even know where to start, or that are too vague to know when I’ve achieved them, I am able to see the journey mapped out in front of me.

I know I want to be fit and healthy in ten years time. So what am I going to do this week to make sure that I am?

This has been a challenging experience for me. I’ve done the visioning exercise a couple of times and not everything is clear just yet. But that’s okay because there are some things that are super clear, and now I can start working towards them. Want to get on board? Jump over to lululemon and have a look at what they are up to. There are heaps of resources and posts about how to get started.

Stu, Tania

It’s summer, finally. Sort of. Most of us are back at work now, full of food, good intentions and a few too many celebratory wines or beers. This time of year is one of New Year’s Resolutions, which often come with new gym memberships. It’s also the perfect time of year to build new habits and make the most of the beautiful country we live in. Whether you’re city based, in the country or near the ocean, strapping on a pair of running shoes and getting outside is not only a great way to get fit and smash your resolutions, it allows you to see your neighbourhood from a new perspective. Not to mention the wonders that fresh air does for your mind. You can’t get that sweating away in some over air-conditioned gym filled with other New Year’s Resolution makers!

Some tips for running in your area:

1. Get to know your area. Get onto old Google Maps and find your nearest park, put your shoes on and get out there to familiarise yourself with it. Some parks have trails, fitness equipment, hills and great grassy areas where you can do core strength exercises, sprints, run drills. Or just get to know some of the streets in your neighbourhood.

2. Close proximity is key. This can help with motivation and ease of access. Being able to head straight out from the office can help prevent that dip in motivation that occurs when we walk in the door after a long day to spy the couch and the TV remote. It will also help you process everything that happened at work so that you can come home and be more present with your family and friends.

3. Know what works for you. Maybe you run best on your own. Maybe you need a buddy to help keep you motivated. Maybe you need a run group to learn from. There are lots of different types of running groups out the re – big, small, boot camp, technique focused and many more. Get in touch with the coach or organiser and ask for a complimentary trial session. This way you can see if it’s for you or not. And if it isn’t – find another group!

4. Variety is the spice of life: Make sure you try a few different running routes in your area. This is really important to keep your motivation levels up. Running the same route every time can become boring, the brain switches off and injury can creep in. Try running the same route in the opposite direction even. It is amazing what you see from a different angle sometimes.

5. Have a goal. It doesn’t have to be to run up Everest or to run a marathon. Although there’s nothing wrong with those goals, it does help if you can break them down into smaller, more manageable steps. Want to complete a full marathon? Maybe book in a half marathon first. Or even a 5k or 10k race. Make an action plan for the year, that’s realistic for you to stick to, and you’ll be running down that finishing chute in no time.

Summer is definitely the perfect time to build up those good habits for when winter creeps in and can start eating away at your motivation. Go on, get outside, enjoy your local area and get fit!

For many of us, this time of year is filled with reflection and planning. We have a chance to get some perspective on our day-to-day lives and think abut what we have achieved over the past year. As the New Year rolls in, our focus swings around to the year ahead. We start thinking about where those achievements will lead us next. Or we think about hat we didn’t yet achieve and plan to make this the year that we reach those goals. A few years ago a friend of mine said she didn’t want to know what my goals for the upcoming year were, she asked what I was grateful for instead. She didn’t want to know my plans for the future; instead, by thinking about what I was grateful for, I had to be present. I had to think about what was in my life at the moment. For me, 2014 was a fairly uneventful year. I went from living overseas, studying full time, working with some amazing people, volunteering and travelling in 2013, to moving home, getting a proper job and settling down. On reflection I start wishing that I’d had a more exciting year. But, when I think of the present I have so much to be grateful for. I have my amazing boyfriend, my health, my family and my friends. I have a job; I have a roof over my head and food in my fridge. I am grateful for Christmas with my family and sunshine for my time at the beach. I am grateful for being able to run around with my nephew at the beach, the park or even through the sprinkler in the backyard. So this year as you start berating yourself for 2014 or making lofty goals for 2015, I would suggest taking a moment to be present. Ask yourself, what in your life are you grateful for?

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