When I was little, I always wanted to be a ballerina. I’m not suXtend-Barre_Studiore that I ever had the determination to make it, but this week I got to relive a little of my dream (I also got to combine it with my more recent love of yoga) at Yoga Dance at Xtend Barre. For a start, the studio is gorgeous – wooden floors, big windows and an open and inviting feel to the space. And the instructor Maria is so lovely. Full of knowledge and grace, she has a clear way of explaining a flowing yoga class that really does make you feel like you’re dancing. Maria broke each Yoga flow down slowly, making sure that we understood the sequence of postures before we picked up the pace a bit. This is where the Dance part comes in. With music playing, you knew where you wanted to go and you could just dance your way through to each posture. Having a knowledge of yoga definitely helps in this class, so you know where your body wants to be in each posture, but you definitely don’t need to be an advanced practitioner as Maria does a great job of talking you through the alignment. The class is a balance of strength and stretching that builds some heat as well as giving you a chance to stretch out any tight muscles you’ve created through some of the other Xtend Barre classes. If you haven’t tried the other classes at Xtend Barre, they are also a great way at bringing out your inner prima ballerina. After attending some great Barre style classes in California, I’m excited that the trend is making its way over to NZ! They’re a great way to work up a sweat and help shape your body into a dancers sleek physique. I would love to hear if anyone has attended classes at Xtend and what you thought!

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