BePure – Ben Warren

Ben_warrenLast week I went to hear Ben Warren from BePure speak. Being interested in food and nutrition, I was looking forward to it, but I really didn’t expect it to be as informative as it was. First up, Ben comes across as a really nice, relatable kinda guy. Second, it was nice to hear from a nutritionist that wasn’t pushing their own agenda. Well, I guess he was but it actually makes sense to me so maybe I’m more open to hearing about it? Let’s back up a little. To give you some background, Ben recognises that we shouldn’t all be eating one kind of diet. Primal, Plant-Based, Paleo, Vegetarian, HFLC, Vegan – as far as I’ve seen, these all work for some people. But they don’t all work for everyone. Ben talked about different cultures getting the majority of their calories from varying sources – some 80% from fat/protein; some 80% from carbohydrates. Today there exists a continuum between these two and it depends where on that continuum you sit, as to what you digest better. To me, this sits well with the blood type diet idea. For some people, an apple gives them energy for hours; for others it makes them hungrier that before they ate it. He states that it is important to work out your genetic makeup so that you can start pinpointing the foods that give you the most energy. Makes total sense to me. The second part of his manifesto is about the quality of food we’re eating. I think we can all agree that it’s not great. From fruits and vegetables that lose 80% of their water-soluble vitamins (Bs and C) in four days, to bread that has doubled in gluten content in 15 years. We have become so disconnected from our food production system that we don’t even know what real food tastes like anymore. Couple that with NZ soil that is lacking in a whole raft of minerals, how are we meant to try and eat our way to health? Ben’s answer – supplements. Personally I would much rather get my nutrients from food, but it seems like that is bordering on impossible. So he has come up with a range of supplements specifically for New Zealanders, based on what we are lacking here. I also love the fact that he’s promoting a sustainably caught, South Pacific fish oil. I have to say, I’m intrigued. Has anyone out there tried his products or his programmes? I would love to hear your feedback on them. For more on Ben Warren, check out his TED Talk.