How I Found My True North

My first Wanderlust experience happened while I was living in San Francisco. It was a lonely period for me as I’d left behind my friends and family in New Zealand to move to America. I began my journey in Santa Barbara, then left that behind to move to San Francisco. During my initial time in San Fran I felt disconnected and at a loss for community. I had heard about Wanderlust thru a local yoga studio – and they announced Wanderlust was putting on a Yoga In The City. I was curious… The event was amazing. One class in particular totally blew me away. It was taken by internationally renowned yogi Janet Stone, accompanied by world famous yoga music producer, DJ Drez. Janet started by bringing us off our mats and towards the stage. It was like a mosh pit of yogis gathering close; as Janet put it “This ain’t Los Angeles, get San Francisco close!” She then had us connect in such a sweet, authentic and simple way. We started with our right hand on our own heart feeling and connecting with the beat. After a few moments she asked us to place our left hand on the back of the person in front of us. We were a giant matrix of beating hearts and more importantly connectivity. In one moment I went from feeling alone to feeling deeply connected to this group of positive, like-minded people. I felt like I was part of something greater than myself. Since that moment I have been a true believer in the power of yoga. The opportunity that it creates for everyday people, like myself, to connect on a deeper level is inspiring and unique. image