It’s all about balance

A lot of people tatania-wellness-treelk about having a work / life balance. But we need to remember that balance looks like different things to different people. I am a busy bee at the moment. I have three jobs and two side-hustles. As a marketer who was looking for a role that would not be purely about profit, I had to take on some gigs that perhaps don’t pay as well as I’d like. So I’ve created a jigsaw of jobs that I love, that keep me busy and pay my bills. All of these have a social media aspect, which means that it can be hard for me to switch off. There’s always another post to compose, a comment to reply to, an idea for a campaign, a new notification waiting for me. Always. And I couldn’t be happier. I work long hours, but I don’t feel overwhelmed and run down. Because everything I do, I enjoy. So it gives me energy, rather than it running me down It’s taken me a while to learn this – that work can be energising rather than draining; that I don’t need to stay in situations that don’t feel right; that I can love everything I spend my time on. I’ve spent time in my life feeling obliged to do certain things with my time. Or to wait before making a decision. Or underselling myself and my skills so I end up spending time on things that are great, but definitely aren’t as fulfilling as I want them to be. While this was going on, I knew in my soul what the right decision was, but it was too scary for me to say it out loud let alone discuss with someone who could help me make a change. Sometimes you do need to dwell on ideas; to take the time to let them simmer away; to make sure they really are the right decision for you. And when you go through this internal decision process, you know that when you say it out loud that you’ve thought through the risks and it’s not such a risky decision anymore. But make sure that it’s not all thinking that you’re doing. Actually put some plans in place and take some action! Spend more time focussing on what you love and a little less on what you don’t. You’ll find you’ve got more energy and excitement going on inside you. And you’d be surprised at what doors open up when you’re literally glowing with happiness, day-to-day. Don’t be afraid to take risks when opportunities present themselves. You can be a pro-athlete and hold down a job. You can own a business and start a side-hustle that you’re passionate about. You can quit your job to go travel the world. The most important thing is to make sure that YOU feel balanced in your life. Do you need to slow down a little? Do you need to start working out more? Do you need to set yourself a new goal? Do you need to spend more time with your family? Just make sure that you’re doing what feels right as much as possible and the rest of your life will just fall into place.