Resolutions versus Vision + Goals

How many times have you vowed to radically change your life? And how often has that been on the 1st of January, in a slightly (or not so slightly) hungover state? Resolutions are fuelled with good intentions and hope, which is why I like them. But so often they are unrealistic, made without a real plan of to achieve them and can leave us feeling depressed and unmotivated the first time we stumble from our path (which is why I don’t like them too much).

I am lucky enough to work at lululemon, who are pretty big on setting goal setting, but they approach it in a slightly different way. You start with a vision of where you see yourself in ten years. This is far enough in the future to take away any self-imposed restraints like budgets, lack of knowledge or timelines. You can dream big and come up with a vision for yourself that gets you really excited. Then you work your goals back from there. See yourself in a big house in your vision? What are the ten, five and one-year steps (or goals) that are going to make that happen? Maybe you see yourself living on a tropical island, owning a dog, working only a couple of hours a day remotely with five or six kids running around. By working out where you want to be, you can then start putting some steps in place to get you there. Maybe you need to start re-gearing your career to make it possible for you to work remotely. Or maybe you need to start having kids if you see that many in your near future! This whole process has helped me to see the larger vision of where I’m going, and then also helped me create steps to get me there. Rather than setting big resolutions for the year that can be too big and scary to even know where to start, or that are too vague to know when I’ve achieved them, I am able to see the journey mapped out in front of me.

I know I want to be fit and healthy in ten years time. So what am I going to do this week to make sure that I am?

This has been a challenging experience for me. I’ve done the visioning exercise a couple of times and not everything is clear just yet.┬áBut that’s okay because there are some things that are super clear, and now I can start working towards them. Want to get on board? Jump over to lululemon and have a look at what they are up to. There are heaps of resources and posts about how to get started.